Real Time Metering

If you're serious about managing your energy use and indentifying problems as soon as they occur, then you need real-time metering. We offer a scalable hardware and cloud-based software solution that allows you to monitor energy in real-time, at any level you choose - building, floor, tenancy or even to an individual circuit

The key to energy management is to understand where and when your business is using energy. This can identify areas where consumption could be reduced and where control measures can be applied. Quick wins and big savings can often be realised with little cost. 


You can access energy usage data from your retailer (and we encourage this), however this data is not available in a timely manner, in many cases not until the end of the month. Using this data is a good place to start, but it won't allow you to pick up issues and take action in a timely manner. For instance, if an issue occurs at the start of the month - you wont be aware of this until you get your bill by which time it could have cost you thousands of dollars.

That's why we have partnered with Simble Solutions to bring their cost-effective real-time energy monitoring software - Simblesense - to the NZ market.

SimbleSense is a cloud-based energy visualisation and analytics platform which provides real-time information and monitoring of your energy data.

The following key benefits can be realised:

  • Prevention of energy wastage through energy data visualisation

  • Reduction of peak demand charges through demand alerts functionality

  • Easily allocate costs to tenants, departments or products through circuit level (or "sub") metering

The Simblesense platform is delivered along with energy meters from our partner IoT providers, to create an affordable and customised enterprise-grade total energy management solution.

The platform is flexible and scalable, ranging from one metering device installed for a residential or SME setting, through to multiple devices for larger enterprises. 

You can install metering  to measure the total consumption of a site and then drill-down to measure the usage specific components of your premises (such as individual buildings, or lighting, heating systems or large equipment).

By going deeper into your business' energy consumption you're able to find previously unknown patterns, predict & demonstrate ROI on projects, manage solar, automate events, control timers and much more.

You can start out small and add meters to the platform over time. 

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