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Energy Efficiency Optimal Energy & Carbon Solutions | Christchurch NZ
In our experience, almost all businesses have opportunities to reduce their energy usage which allows them to both save money and reduce carbon emissions.

The first step is to review your usage data which will tell us when you are using power.  This can be done initially by analysing the data from your meter which your power company can supply. For example, we sometimes find that power is being consumed when the business is closed. This is often an easy fix.

However the meter data from your retailer will only reveal part of the picture and if you are serious about reducing your usage then you need to go to a more granular level, ideally with real-time data.


That's why we have partnered with Simble Solutions to bring their cost-effective real-time energy monitoring software - Simblesense - to the NZ market. Simblesense works in conjunction with energy metering and allows us to monitor your power usage, in real-time. You can install metering  to measure the total consumption of a site and then drill-down to measure the usage specific components of your premises (such as individual buildings, or lighting, heating systems or large equipment). The system is extremely flexible and scalabe, and offers outstanding value for money compared to other systems on the market.

With the emergence of the "Internet of Things"  (IOT) it has never been more affordable to install additional energy monitoring equipment on site, and find out what's really driving the  cost of your power bill!

Once we have a good understanding of what is using power on site, and when it's using it, then we will connect you to suitable service providers who can implement the most appropriate solutions.


This might be a detailed energy audit (which will identify specific investments you can. make to reduce your costs), or changes to your building management system, an LED lighting upgrade or the installation of Power Factor Correction equipment.

Energy Efficiency Optimal Energy & Carbon Solutions | Christchurch NZ

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