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Electricity bills are complex and unlike most other services, the charges vary month to month. How can you be sure your charges are correct? How can you accurately forecast what your future costs will be? Let us save you time and make sure you are being charged correctly.  

Electricity bills are notoriously complex, particularly for customers who have Time-of-Use (TOU) metering. In particular, the representation of Network (Lines company) charges can be very confusing. If you are not aware of how these charges are derived, then how can you be sure that you are being billed correctly.


Issues can and do occur, and if not picked up this can mean your business ends up paying out thousands of dollars more than it should.

We offer our account management service (monthly or quarterly), which includes the following :

  • Bill checking/validation - we will review your bills and make sure that you've been charged the correct amount by your power company

  • Electricity cost forecasting - we will project your future costs for budgeting purposes

  • Monthly energy reporting - we will review your energy use and identify opportunities for savings


We can also proactively monitor your power consumption with our real-time energy monitoring software. If you don't have real-time monitoring, then you will typically not pick up an issue until you receive your monthly bill, by which time the issue could have cost you thousands of dollars. 

We can also work on a project basis to analyse and resolve any issues that may emerge. Issues that commonly occur include:

  • High bills

  • Rates inconsistent with your contract

  • Missing invoices

  • Incorrect network charges

Power Account Managemen - Optimal Energy & Carbon Solutions | Christchurch NZ

Do you need an energy expert to check that your bills are correct?

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