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The Optimal team is led by Paul Farrelly - a highly experienced energy professional. Paul has the following experience:
  • 9 years in senior customer leadership roles at Meridian Energy, the largest generator of electricity in NZ.

  • Led Meridian's national account management team - responsible for account management service to approximately 2,000 large power users across NZ - including large Industrials, Corporates, Large farms, Manufacturers, Schools and Hotels.

  • Managed business pricing and tendering function - responsible for responding to pricing/tender requests from commercial clients.

    • Paul estimates that over 5,000 tenders were responded to under his guidance!

  • Led the development of energy solutions at Meridian. This included:

    1. Solar - Development of Meridian's commercial solar business

    2. Electric Vehicles (EVs) - Supporting fleet conversions and the deployment of charging infrastructure onto customer sites

    3. Energy efficiency/sub-metering

Paul works in close partnership with the Energy and Carbon team at Lumen who offer specific expertise to Optimal as required.

We are ready to leverage our unrivalled energy expertise to help you develop and execute strategies that will see your energy costs reduce and save your team time.


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